Saturday, April 30, 2011

Felt Laptop & Case

I stumbled across THIS laptop tutorial by Kiki and fell in love with it!

Doesn't it just look so cute sitting there?

We had to make it just like Daddy's... so we added this to the back.
Fun huh?

I'd been dying to make it for weeks but had one small problem. 
She recommending using rub-on letters for the keys... and well, out here in Pittsburgh, my craft store options are... non-existant very limited, and I couldn't find any. 

I was really frustrated, and on a whim decided to put a piece of stiff felt right into my printer.
It WORKED!!! I was so excited!
Made it even more fun because I could pick any font I wanted. 

I didn't really care for the handles straight on the computer, so I decided to whip up a laptop case.
I didn't use a pattern, but there are tons of tutorials out there.
There is a small little pocket inside for the felt screen images... that are yet to be made.

I even got to make my first felt flower.
I now understand the obsession... they are so fun and easy to make!

She loves it.
Makes her feel so big and grown up.

How fun is that. 

You know you want to...

Craft Me This.


Camille said...

Okay, rock! This is so dang cute!

nlybbs said...

Love the Apple! Cute!

kiki comin said...

haha! I LOVE IT! and love that you can just stick felt through the printer..who would've known?! Thanks for showing me :) it really is amazing.

Just the Seven of Us said...

Yes, it turned out SOOOO cute! and wow ... I LOVE the laptop case you just WHIPPED up! Is that also felt? You amaze me!

Brooke said...

No craft store? Have you found the big JoAnne's out in Monroeville? It shares a building with a Babies R Us, so . . . win-win.

And is the Michael's down at the Waterfront still around? That's where I got most of my craft stuff in Pittsburgh.

Adorable laptop! What screen images are you going to make for it?

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