Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Faux Vest and Reversible Newsboy Hat

My cute sister in law had her lil' guy on the 11th, and I finally gave her this little set, so I can post it on here. Lil' boy stuff is so fun to make, and now knowing that is what is in store for our family next, I had a little bit of a hard time giving this set away. 

I found THIS cute tutorial on making a faux vest onesie on B is for Boy. 
It was quick and simple. I used some heavier fabric, and next time I think I'll choose something a bit lighter weight to work with.

 I really wanted to try making a newsboy hat, so I found THIS pattern and gave it a whirl. 
I'm not very good with patterns, I usually just try and figure out how to make it myself, but this pattern was great, and I'd really recommend it. 

So there you go my lil new nephew. Can't wait until you are big enough to wear it... well, I guess I can wait, don't want you growing up too fast.

Have a baby boy shower to go to? {Or one on the way}

Craft. Me. This.

Faux Vest: HERE
Newsboy Hat Pattern: HERE

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Dress with Matching Bonnet

So I was brave. 
I had a baby shower to go to tonight, and I decided to make my gift.
I usually do a car seat tent, or something simple but I was crazy and decided to whip up a dress.
ON the day of the shower. 
More like...
Crazy. Me. This 

But it turned out sweet and simple.
(Too bad I didn't hang it straight on the hanger... whoops)
I didn't use any one specific tutorial... just kind of made what I thought would look cute.
I mainly decided to make it because I wanted to give bonnet making a whirl.

I think I'd adjust a few things next time, but it still turned out pretty sweet.

Oh, and I just HAD to figure out shirring on my new machine.
It worked beautifully. 

Have a baby shower you need a gift for?

Craft. Me. This.

Bonnet - HERE (with free pattern, sweet!)
Dress - A little of THIS (bodice/dress), THIS (sleeve) and THIS (bow).

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Travel Clutch and Luggage Tags

I ran across this cute idea for a travel clutch a while back,
so I knew I had to make it for our upcoming trip. 

It is a little different than the one I saw online, I've been eyeing the Gathered Clutch tutorials for sometime, so I figured it would be a great time to try it out.

The one I copied had a pocket for your passport instead of the zippered pocket, I figured I'm not traveling anywhere foreign for quite sometime, so I made it into a zippered one to keep my money and debit card in (also, I've never sewn a zipper, so I wanted to try it out).
I also folded the fabric over on the right side to make an additional pocket to slide things into.

The luggage tags were fun and easy to make, and will hopefully help us spot our standard black luggage from all the others.

I made enough to have one for each of the girl's backpacks. I want to have our info on them somewhere in case we are to get separated in the airport.

Flying sometime soon?

Craft. Me. This.

Travel Clutch - HERE and HERE (for gathered front)
Zippered Pocket - HERE
Luggage Tags - HERE

Friday, August 5, 2011

Kids Purse

Made this cute little purse to match the dresses I made (HERE)

Perfect size for crayons and a little notebook.

Someone feels pretty special about her new church bag.

Accessorize your latest outfit.

Craft. Me. This

Tutorial: Buttercup Purse by Rae

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hooded Towels

Yes, yes, I'm sure you've seen them everywhere.
I actually wasn't able to find a tutorial that did the hood the way I liked (they all had cone heads).

Just thought the colors turned out cute, and had to share.

Oh, and the black strap isn't a part of the towel... I couldn't get this lil' lady to take off her
superman cape.
See... I love the boots, completes the tough-chick-super-hero look perfectly.

Need a way to dry off your little one after bath time?

Craft. Me. This.