Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Travel Clutch and Luggage Tags

I ran across this cute idea for a travel clutch a while back,
so I knew I had to make it for our upcoming trip. 

It is a little different than the one I saw online, I've been eyeing the Gathered Clutch tutorials for sometime, so I figured it would be a great time to try it out.

The one I copied had a pocket for your passport instead of the zippered pocket, I figured I'm not traveling anywhere foreign for quite sometime, so I made it into a zippered one to keep my money and debit card in (also, I've never sewn a zipper, so I wanted to try it out).
I also folded the fabric over on the right side to make an additional pocket to slide things into.

The luggage tags were fun and easy to make, and will hopefully help us spot our standard black luggage from all the others.

I made enough to have one for each of the girl's backpacks. I want to have our info on them somewhere in case we are to get separated in the airport.

Flying sometime soon?

Craft. Me. This.

Travel Clutch - HERE and HERE (for gathered front)
Zippered Pocket - HERE
Luggage Tags - HERE


Ali or Mike said...

oh man! I love it. great job.

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