Thursday, January 26, 2012

Easy Flannel Quilt

I saw this easy flannel "quilt" on pinterest and knew it was something I wanted to tackle.
With a little of help I got it made just in time for my brand new baby boy.

I ended up making it a little different than the tutorial, but still think it turned out cute. 
I made mine 40"x40"  with 4" squares, spaced an inch apart. There ended up being a seven row grid. I love the way it turned out, and I'm glad I made it a little bigger than the tutorial, because the flannel shrunk quite a bit after I washed and dried it.

For my squares I bought 12" pieces of fabric to work with... I really only needed 4" (or 5" to correct poor cutting jobs), so I was able to use the extra to get some matching burb clothes.

This quilt could easily be started and finished in a day.
So go on and give one a try.

Craft. Me. This.

Tutorial link HERE.

Special thank you to my Mom and Roberta for helping with these projects.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Sibling Hospital Surprise

We are expecting a baby brother at our house any day now.
I saw an idea for a sibling hospital gift and knew I had to jump on that train.

So when the girls come to visit their new baby brother these will be waiting for them.
They are made from sewing together a placemat from the dollar store. It was a really quick and easy thing to do, and I just used some thick ribbon for the handles.  

Here is what each kiddo is getting:
The younger sibling...
I did make the I Spy bags, I found the pencil case on clearance at target for like $0.28, it didn't have the plastic part on it, so I added it, took out the zipper and sewed in some ric-rac instead. 
It was fun and simple.

and the older sibling
The notebook is a composition book covered in paper (and 'laminated' with packaging tape), I was going to add her name... but got lazy and figured she wouldn't care. 

I also thought it would be fun to make some diapers for my girls baby dolls so that they could learn how to change a diaper, and feel a little more involved with taking care of baby brother.

It is kind of weird because our babies don't lose their clothes, but I don't think that will stop the girls from changing diapers over and over again.

Of course the baby would also need some wipes and a bottle to eat from, so we included that too.
The wipes container is an old Cottenelle Flushable wipes. Perfect size for pretend play.
I was wondering what I was going to put this all in, and had a surprise quilt show up at my house from a dear friend that also included some lined drawstring bags (thank you again Cathy!). 
It was the perfect size for holding all of the babies necessities.

Now... we just wait for baby brother to come to share these surprises with the girls!
Any. day. now.

In the meantime, you can feel free to...

Craft. Me. This.

(I didn't really use a tutorial, and don't like the hot glued zipper, but this is an quick easy tutorial you could follow)
Pretend Wipes 
(I just cut out the flannel in a square and sewed around it... no need for a tutorial)