Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quilt: Baby Dinos

It seems like the only projects I've been making lately are car seat tents, because what else are my friends doing but having babies! And lots of them!

I realized that I never posted about the baby quilt that I made for my sister in law.
It is the first real quilt that I've made, and I even quilted it on my sewing machine!
How fun is that?!!

I used a simple pattern that I found online and adjusted it to be a square 
(I like doing a larger square for lil' babes)

My fabric wasn't wide enough to just use one piece on the back, so instead of just having a seam, I did an accent stripe on the back to add a little fun.

It isn't perfect, but I was tickled with how it turned out.

And this is how it sat in my house for a good month and a half until I was able to hand deliver it during my trip home this summer.

I'm sure you have someone in your life having a baby... or maybe it is you!

Craft. Me. This