Thursday, April 21, 2011

Simple Car Seat Tent

I know, I know. These are everywhere.
But I really liked how the fabrics matched. 
I always do a cotton fabric on top and a flannel underneath.
Isn't that polk-a-dot fabric so cute?

I know, I could have put buttons or flowers or something fun on the straps, 
but it needed to be simple and sort of gender neutral. 

I guess what I really wanted to share was a cute way to gift it. 
I used some leftover fabric to make a little tie. 

Perfect for that lil' girl, 

or baby boy.
And eco-friendly, right?

Have a baby shower you're going to?
Save your paper gift wrap and...

Craft Me This


Deb said...

This is super cute! I have been eyeing these constantly lately, I need one! I never had one for June and need to get on top of making one for Bug #2. Yours turned out way cute, thanks for the inspiration!

Tina said...

When I see things like this, it makes me wish I could sew!!! Love, love, love it!

The Hart Family said...

Did you follow a pattern for the car seat tent or did you just do it yourself? Please share because I would really like to make some!

Lizzie said...

@Emily - I have used a tutorial online before, but now I just do my own thing. Message me on Facebook and I'll explain what I do.

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