Saturday, April 16, 2011

Easy-Peasy Placemats

I don't even know if should really even post this. 
It wasn't even really a craft project. 
All I did was cut out the fabric.
But don't they look awesome?

My friend found this fabric and Joann's and every time I went over to her house, 
I drooled over them. 
I love how it looks quilted.
It looks better on her light-wood table.
So when I found the fabric in the red tag section (with an additional 50% off)
I thought I had hit the jackpot. 
(I think it was $2-$3 for a yard and I got 8 placemats out of it)

I don't even know what type of fabric it is. It has a soft rubbery backing on it, and it's surface isn't slick like vinyl, but it is sort of textured and rubbery. 
I'm not explaining it well.
Guess you'll just have to come over for a visit to check it out for yourself. ;)

I'll find out the type of fabric it is and when I do, you can...

Craft Me This

**Update on Fabric**
So I did some research and found the distributor of the fabric (Momentum Textiles). They classified it as a "Coated Upholstery Fabric"... wow. That helps a lot. It front side is 100% vinyl (textured, not glossy/smooth) and it has a soft "Polyester Knit" backing. Don't know if that is even worth sharing... other than my search lead to just as lame of a description I had already provided. Sorry. 


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