Friday, April 1, 2011

Owlie Picture

Okay, I am such a nerd. 
I could hardly sleep last night because I was so excited to post this picture I finished.
Just ask my hubby, I asked him a gazillion times how what he thought. 
Why don't guys gush over projects? is that too much to ask?

You wanna see it?

Isn't it so cute?!!!

I love finally having an idea of how I want to decorate the girls room (almost two years later)
Pinks and Greens are so fun, and who doesn't love owls? 

I copied this canvas print I saw at Target. You may have seen it. 

But, since I can't paint, and I don't have any paint supplies I decided to modge podge paper onto a piece of wood. I think it turned out so cute, but then again, it is my project so I'm biased.

I was going to modge podge paper onto the sides, but then I remembered I had some left over ribbon from my Giraffe Puppet and it was the perfect color. 
Now don't tell me that giraffe print is out!!
I think it really adds to the picture. 

Curious if I saved any money making my own?
I think the picture at target was around $25. 
This project cost me about $2.
Yup, TWO dollars.
Why so cheap? 
Well, Joann's had a killer sale on their 12x12 paper (5 for $1 PLUS 25% off)
I had the modge podge, brush, ribbon, and wood on hand. 
If I had to buy everything, I'm guessing it would be around $10 to do this project... so much cheaper.
Plus, I got to customize it to match the girls room. 
And come on, it was so fun!
Plus, it feels so good to just sit and stare at your work when you're done...
Hmm, what was that? *cough* Oh, right...

So, if you've seen a piece of art that you love, give it a shot, if I can do it, anyone can.
Can you see my goof ups? The random flowers on the owls are covering them up... no one's perfect.

Give it a try and share what YOU did. 

Craft Me This.


Deb said...

Shoot, that's really cute! That would look adorable in June's room too. Your girls are lucky to have an awesome, artistic, motivated mother like yourself. Way to go!

nlybbs said...

♥ it! I like your version way better!

Chantele Sedgwick said...

Oh my heck! So cute!!

Melanie said...

So cute! I love it. I think the owl theme is such a fun idea. Way to go!

Charity said...

This is adorable. I like it a lot better than the Target version!

Ali or Mike said...

So cute!!! I need your motivation and craftiness! I agree that your version is cuter.

Erin said...

Yours is cuter! and I love giraffe print so I hope it's not out. I am going to try harder to make more comments because I am guilty of loving all your posts and not letting you know!

Jennifer said...

Love, love, love it!! And your little Owlies remind me of your cute girls. :)

Jen said...

Man, I really wish I had been born with some creative instincts. All your crafts just blow me away!

And I love owls, so much!

hotbutteredpopcorn said...

I like your colors and composition so much more than the Target version, especially the design of your flowers! How'd you make it look so professional? You are amazing.

styled by 3 said...

Love this blog!!! I don't know why I didn't know about it sooner! I'm obsessed. I love this mod podge owl project. I did something similar with scrapbook paper, but I used canvases instead of wood. I did three all the same color paper, but different patterns. I LOVE how they turned out. Mod Podge is the bestest!! It looks like you like owls, just a little, me too!!! How are we not better friends, really? I wish I wasn't leaving so soon so we could hang out. I am so lame and don't do anything now that these twins occupy ALL my time. Who would of thought?
tee :)

styled by 3 said...

ps, it wasn't my idea either. i totally copy catted it. love to copy cat and love that that is what your blog is all about. did you see my post on the earring buttons? you could put it on your blog for your readers to see, if you want.

Just the Seven of Us said...

Yes, you should be thrilled. This turned out BEYOND darling! I think I want to make a big one for the babies room - with blue and pink. Want to help???

Carolyn said...

That is adorable. It looks so professional!

Ali said...

I love your version of this project! I liked it so much that I shared it on my latest blog posts about owls. You can see it here:

Unknown said...

Is it printed on a normal printer? And also is it one peice?
How do I print a large picture

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