Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chalkboard Purse

I was so excited to make this Chalkboard Purse I saw HERE on The Idea Room
It was such a fun and cute idea, I had to copy it. 
I loved the wooden handle that Amy from the Idea Room put on hers, but I didn't have one. :( 
I did have old picnic basket (the one where you strap the dishes in) that I pulled the handle and latch off of. 
Not quite as cute, but I'm all about free.
My girls really likes opening and closing it, and I don't have to worry about it popping open in transit
 Inside there is a space to store the chalk and eraser.
 Yes, that stripy block is the little eraser I made. 
I sewed the felt together in close gathered bumps, and then glued it to some of the pages I had cut out of the book. I think it turned out really cute.
It is this lil' gals favorite part, erasing everything.

There are several blank pages at the front of the book for plenty of chalk doodling fun.
Which by the way, I may be addicted to chalkboard paint now, it is SO cool!

 And just look how cute it is to tote around.
Loads of giggles and fun!
I'm sure it would be just as cute as a little briefcase for a lil' guy.
Love it! You will too.

Craft Me This

PS - It was kind of chilly when I ran out to take pictures. My lil' pumpkin put on her coat and shoes and ran out to join me. She actually offered to be my lil' model (unlike usual when I have to bribe her). Even despite the chilly wind. Don't worry, we were only out for a minute or two.


Deb said...

That turned out so cute Liz! I really want to make one but doubt mine will be that cute. Way to go! And yes, Sarah's shirts totally match. They could make them and sell them that way. What a fashionista!

Amanda said...

So CUTE! I think I'm going to try to make this since I have 4 girl birthday parties and 1 boy party this month.
Did you make or buy your chalkboard paint? And how long did it take for you to make this?

Karla said...

I LOVE it! So cute.

Lizzie said...

@Amanda - I didn't make my chalkboard paint. I used a coupon at michael's and bought some. Mine was actually the spray paint kind (its all they had) and it may have been a bit more, but it was SO easy! It did take a little bit to make because you have to let everything dry, but it is something you could work on through out the day. With all the waiting I'd give yourself a good 4 hours to let it dry... but I'm really slow, so you maybe able to do it more quickly than that. Good luck!!

Melanie said...

Oh my gosh Liz. That is awesome! I am going to have to add this to my to do list. It just keeps getting longer. Ahh! :)

Amy {The Idea Room} said...

Wow! Great job! Love that you used a picnic basket handle and latch. Perfect! Thanks so much for the link!

Kelly said...

so so cute! Too bad Greg isn't letting me do any more projects until 1. I finish those angry birds and 2. We have moved into our new place. Bummer :(

Amanda said...

OK, so I started making this tonight and I am having trouble getting the pages to stay glued together and the pages are starting to warp.
Did you have this problem? Yours looks so nice and flat and since I have zero craftiness I'm a little confused.
How did you get your pages to stay flat?

Lizzie said...

@Amanda - That is awesome that you are really making them, Sa-weet!

I didn't have any problems with them bubbling. You are using a board book, right? Maybe try using less glue (what are you using, modge podge?) Some of the pages I hot glued, just make sure you work fast and squeeze it together really tight to get the glue to spread everywhere. But I mostly used modge podge for the glueing part. Hope that helps. I wish I lived closer, I would run right over.

Havalah said...

I love this! what an genius idea!

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