Monday, April 11, 2011

Decorative Drawers

I decided to use leftover scraps from my Owlie Picture on this little shelf of drawers.

My mother, the queen of thrifting, found this little treasure years ago.
I love the colors that were originally on it, but it got a little beat up in our move and since I had to sand and repaint it anyhow... I decided to add a little more.

Here is the before 
(after I had sanded out most of the scuffs)

and after

Really not too much of a noticeable difference, but trust me, it was marked up all over and needed some TLC. Plus, now it is all cute and matchy in the girl's room.

Those blue walls in their room are really growing on me. 
I'm sure glad we didn't paint over them.

Sprucing up old decor is fun and easy.

Craft Me This

PS - my lil' one insisted that the owl be in the picture too, she kept setting in on the dresser, so I decided, why not. 


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