Saturday, April 23, 2011

Newborn Earflap Beanie

 This was a quick and easy crochet pattern, with adorable results. 
Click HERE for the pattern.

I may have to make some for my girls...
Maybe in the fall when it starts to get cooler again 
(don't want to jinx this spring weather we're finally getting)

Have a new sweet baby who you need to keep warm?

Craft Me This


Deb said...

That is WAY cute. Now, I know you have been busy in Nauvoo, which means you're not home making crafts and blogging, which means you have a stock pile of adorable, unique, hard to make crafts all pre-blogged, which means my suspicions were right, you ARE Wonder Woman!

Brooke said...

Nice -- what a cute little hat! My kids still love the owl hats you gave them at Christmas. In fact, William wore his today (because it was snowing!!!!! AUGH!) and he got a lot of compliments on it. *air kiss* Lovely!

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