Friday, December 30, 2011

Wooden Peg Dolls

When I saw this idea for Princess dolls on a blog I knew I wanted to make some for my girls and nieces.
It was a lot of work, I'm not going to lie, but it was so fun to watch these little wooden figures come to life. 

Here is my princess set:
 Cinderella, Snow White, Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty

Here is the back view:

I also made a set of fairies, I just loved the short dresses, and they were just as fun to make.

I was originally going to make them look like the Tinkerbell characters... but got a little burnt out.

Here is the back so you can see their wings.

I also whipped up some fun little bags for them to be carried in.
It is just the right size for carrying around the dolls, it is around 4"x6"

And because Sarah is such a superhero fan, I couldn't resist making a set for her.
They were a lot of fun, maybe because I was a little burnt out on princesses...

They were lots of fun to make, so go on and try and make some for your little ones.

Craft. Me. This.

Princess Doll idea seen HERE
Superhero idea seen HERE
Lined Drawstring Bag tutorial found HERE (I cut dimensions in half)


Brooke said...

Wonderful as always! I'm having just as much fun showing off Eleanor's peg fairies to my friends as she is playing with them! Thank you so much!

Kelly said...

those are so so so cute. What did you use to put the glitter on the dolls?

Lizzie said...

It was a glitter paint that I found by the craft paint, twinkle paint? Something like that. It was SO fun to put that part on! I almost wanted to paint the entire dolls in the glitter.

Charity said...

Absolutely adorable!

Deb said...

These are all incredible! June loves hers. She is constantly wanting me to tell her the names of each one (even though I'm pretty sure she knows them all). They even helped her branch out and watch some other Disney movies (rather than just Cinderella and Tangled over and over and over.) Thanks Liz, you're the best!

Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

Wow, liz. You are amazing. And I checked out the tutorial links you had on there and I must say yours look a lot cuter! Again, you put the rest of us to shame! I think I will need to try these out for the girls.

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