Thursday, November 15, 2012

Simple Wooden Nativity

When I spotted this lil' Nativity on Pinterest I immediately knew I wanted to copy it. 

I ran into a few bumps while constructing it... so I thought I'd show you all exactly how I made mine.

You need to start with gathering your supplies.

2"x2" Wood (which is really 1.5"x1.5"... didn't know this)
2" Wooden Door Knobs
1" Flat Circle Buttons
Wood Craft Spoon
Acrylic Paint & Brushes

You'll need to cut a 6" and 5 1/4" pieces from your 2x2 wood.
Paint them and glue on the heads, I just hot glued them on, it works just fine.

Notice that the "Mary" figure's head isn't centered on the block.

You need to off center it a little so that they will stand flush together.
I promise once the burlap is on you can't tell it is off centered. 

Before you glue Joseph and Mary together, you'll neet to but the burlap on Mary. 

I cut a circle about 11" in diameter in half to get my burlap piece.
This was the piece that took me forever to figure out.

I just used a large bowl as my pattern to keep it simple, and it was perfect.

Drape the burlap, flat side on her forehead.
Make sure that both sides are even at the bottom. 

Tack it in place on either side, about where her ears would be. 

Add a large dollop of hot glue to her chest and pull around both sides and tack them down.
WARNING: The hot glue will seep right through the burlap, so be careful, it is hot!

Here is how you tack down the back:
First add a little hot glue to her back and tack it down.
Then pull the right side across and tack it down with a large dollop.
Repeat with the left side.

Now to make our baby Jesus.
On Pinterest they used all wood, but I liked the softness the felt added.

Attached a painted flat button circle to one end of the craft spoon.
Cut out a piece of felt into a 4" square.

Tack back one corner with a little glue.

Pull bottom corner up and glue it to the craft spoon.

Fold the left side over, folding it outward as you pull it across.

Repeat on other side and glue down in the back.
Awe, all cute and cuddly. 

Now to glue the family together. 
First liberally add hot glue between the Joseph and Mary. 
Be sure to give it a really good squeeze to let it seep through the burlap to Mary.
Also, make sure that you keep it level on your table so that your blocks don't end up being uneven.
Then add baby Jesus.
Lastly, tie up the new lil' family with twine. 
I cut my twine to 26".

Tack down the bow with a little glue at the base of loops so that it doesn't come untied.


And Back.

Now sit back and enjoy your simple and beautiful new creation.

Need to add some more of the Christmas spirit to your decor?
Or want to make some simple holiday gifts?



Deb said...

So cute!!

Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

I've been gathering my supplies to make this craft... although I saw a different version with slightly larger blocks... Hopefully I can gather everything in time before Christmas is here.

Minharos said...

That is adorable, and yours is much cuter than the original. I wasn't planning on making gifts for my family (because I'm lazy) but now maybe I will.

fillmore family said...

love the different textures, thanks for sharing :)

paula yedro said...

love it!!

C said...

Super cute! Thank you!

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