Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Baby Walker Redo

While I was visiting my Mother in Law in Minnesota, she had some friends give her random baby items to make our visit more enjoyable. 

One of them was this old walker.
 My lil' man loved it (and they just don't make the new ones the same), so we took it home with us (it folds flat... so nice for storing).

Well, my lil' fella is learning to eat and of course he is getting lil' puffs and rice rusk goo all over the cover. I didn't really mind the dated look, but when I took it off to wash it I realized how gross it was. And it was falling apart.
No Bueno!
Can you see all the gunk (mold?!!) down at the bottom by the grommets? Yuck! 

So I pulled the old thing off, took a seam ripper to it, 
and took it apart to use the old pieces to make a pattern.

I was hoping to reuse the old foam padding...
but it was so well-loved that it was disintegrating. 
Once I got the old trim off it came pouring out all over the table. 
I tried taking outside to shake it all out, but it was never-ending.
So much for reusing the old padding...

However, I was able to selvage the trim. It was actually in really good condition.
I had a grommet kit in the house, some old fleece fabric (to use as my padding/batting), and fabric. 
It was nice to just use up some thing I had on hand (even nicer not draggin my kiddos to the craft store).

A few hours later and it was done!
I was surprised how quick it all came together.
My client was quite satisfied!

I decided that I wanted to use vinyl this time so I could wipe up the gooey messes the lil' mister made. I didn't have any vinyl fabrics on hand, but I did have some iron-on vinyl on hand so I just ironed it on to this cute dino fabric and it was perfect. Added an extra step, but it was well worth it.

Mr. Z thinks it is much more fun to play in.
Slime on lil' man, slime on!

So do you have a hand-me-down that you want to give new life to?

Craft. Me. This.


Brittany said...

Wow, that looks awesome! I'm in the process of recovering our kitchen chairs. Same problem, things fall on the fabric (like milk) and it never comes totally clean. I wish I had known there was such a thing as iron on vinyl! That would have been a lot easier than recovering each chair twice.

Alisha said...

Nice job! Wish I had time to do something like that with three kids. You are wonder-woman.

Carolanne said...

Um. That's awesome. I thought I was cool when I sewed some less ugly slip covers for my very ugly chairs, but my finished product has nothing on this. You did an amazing job. Now please, just tell me how you get the kids to leave you alone while you are sewing!

Lizzie said...

You ladies are far too nice. Thank you for your kind words.

About the kids thing...One: The girls are a little older (and not as close in age as yours) and are starting to play really well together. Two: we usually invite a friend over to play and that will definitely keep them out of my hair. Three: *cough*Netflix*cough*... ahem. :D

Usually on my longer projects I just stay up late and craft through the night. Lately though I haven't been my night-owl self... must be the middle of the night feedings, or something.

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