Monday, March 5, 2012

Daddy's Back Rub T-shirth

When I saw this cute gift idea, I knew it was a must do for the hubby.

It is a "Back Rub" t-shirt.
Or... more like a race track t-shirt, but the idea is that when the kids drive the cars on Daddy's back it is like giving him a back rub. 

It was a hit. A laugh out loud hit.
Just what I was going for.

And the girls beg him to put it on so they can drive all over his back.

So fun, and such cute memories. 

Craft. Me. This. 

T-shirt: Target $5
Tutorial: Car Shirt
She hand paints everything... but I was lazy and just used sharpies.
Be sure to put paper in your shirt so it doesn't bleed through to the front.


Deb said...

So cute! I totally want one of these. Mommy needs a back rub too! I love your drawings.

Aden & Jamie Hirtle said...

What an awesome idea! I'll have to remember this for Aden in a couple years! And I agree with Deb-- mommy needs one too!

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