Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baby Blanket, Shoulder Straps and Pacifier Clips

I made a car seat cover for my sister-in-law who is having a baby in August, 
(sorry no picture, but it is the floral print on the outside and the polka dot on the inside, with big cute buttons on the straps)

and how could I resist using the extra scraps for some coordinating accessories. 

Like a car seat blanket,
perfect size for taking out and about.

Some shoulder straps, to keep those chubby checks and neck-rolls nice and comfy.

And some pacifier clips all dolled up and girly.

Oh, having little girls is oh so much fun!

And I had quite a bit of the yellow minky fabric left over... so how could I resist.
Have to send along a gift for the new big sister to snuggle up with, right?

Do you have a baby shower to go to?

Craft Me This

Oh and Deb... just pretend you didn't see this and try to act surprised, K?

Shoulder Straps: HERE and HERE
Pacifier Clips: HERE and HERE


Jennifer said...

So cute and creative! I love the colors and I LOVE the pattern on the minky. Cute, cute, cute!!

Aden and Jamie said...

"Oh I had some leftover material 'scraps' so I just whipped a little something up." I'd love to see what you do with my material scraps hidden away in my closet!

Kelly said...

Amazing. Everything is so cute. Thanks for adding the tutorial links too :)

hotbutteredpopcorn said...

You are amazing woman! (Can you sew a cape with that?)

Deb said...

WHA?!!!!! Are you serious?! This is amazing! I can't believe you did all that. It is SO FREAKING ADORABLE! I especially love that yellow fuzzy fabric. You are too nice Liz, seriously. Now I'm really excited to have this baby just so I can adorn her with all the adorable stuff. LOVE IT! YEAY! :) And June is going to LOVE that owl!

Deb said...

I was going to write this as a joke: "I assume that "sister-in-law" is me..." but then realized you have TWO sister-in-laws having babies in August. So I hope that sis-in-law is me, but if it's not I understand... :)

Lizzie said...

Thanks everyone, I had fun!

@Deb- you can assume correctly... Em is having another boy, so you are my only SIL having a girl. ;) Enjoy!

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